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Military artefacts of all periods & all nations will be offered here with all items
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British 1888 MkII Lee Metford Bayonet , Indian Land Pattern Scabbard British 1888 MKII Lee Metford bayonet with rare Indian Land Pattern scabbard . Sanderson maker with issue date of November 1900 on ricasso & broad arrow , ordnance mark to reverse. Some surface age to metal but overall good.
US M5 Bayonet & Scabbard This is a very fine example of the US M5 bayonet designed to replace the M1 & M1905 models which were found difficult to remove their rifles with gloves on during the Korean War. This M5 model was issued in 1953 & saw service right through into the 1960s. Marked to the underside of the crossguard 'US M5 -1' & 'J&D Tool Co'; for the low production run firm Jones & Dickinson who made 57,450 in the second half of 1954. An excellent example with undamaged black checquered grips & most , if not all, of its parkerisation to blade. Its M8A1 scabbard & internal webbing frog are in excellent order.
WW2 British Old Spec .38 Enfield Tankers Revolver 1942 No.2 Mk1** the spurless hammer model of .38 pistol designed to prevent armoured crews from becoming snagged when exiting the confined space of a tank in an emergency. This is a matching numbered example with brown wooden grips & deactivated to old spec standard with clear chambers enabling inert rounds to be inserted into the cylinder. Comes with certificate of deactivation . UK sales only.
'Falklands' War SAS/PARA Bergan 1975 Dated British SAS/PARA Bergen as used in the Falklands war this example being dated 1975. Officially the '72 pattern these were of tough Nylon butyl & had a metal frame to rear. In used condition from an ex parachute regiment soldier there is a tear to the underside of the flap ( zipped pocket ) however markings & date remain clear.
1904 Portuguese Mauser Bayonet A 1904 model Portuguese Mauser Bayonet & Scabbard. This example manufactured by Simson & Co, Suhl & in excellent condition. This model of bayonet was made from 1904 to 1909 by Simson & Co. of Suhl, Germany. Approximately 75,000 were made before Portugal exhausted its financing & production ceased.
A Pictorial History Of The SS ( Andrew Mollo ) & The Story Of The SS ( Nigel Cawthorne ) Both in used condition with Pictorial History having loose pages.
American Civil War Re-Enactment Book 112 superb colour photographs of American Civil war Re enactment.
Arisaka 1897 Model 30 Bayonet ( Used By Korean Forces In Korean War ) Modified Japanese Type 30 bayonet scabbard used by South Korea's forces during the Korean War. The scabbard is painted olive green and a web belt hanger is attached to the frog loop by a steel fastener. During 1951–52, Japanese Type 99 rifles and Type 30 bayonets were modified at a former Japanese Army Arsenal for use by the Korean Constabulary and the Korean Augmentation to the U.S. Army (KATUSA) program. During these modifications a webbing belt hanger was added to the Type 30 bayonet scabbard, enabling its use with U.S. M1910 web equipment. A good condition example of this classic former Japanese weapon .
Badges & Insignia Of The Third Reich ( BL Davis ) One of a few classic reference books by BL Davis .
Band of Brothers 101st Airborne 'CARENTAN' Town Sign A superb full size reproduction of the wartime town sign for 'CARENTAN' the famous Band of Brothers featured Normandy town fought over by the 101st Airborne in June 1944. 833 X 300mm i size.
Belgian Arma .22 Folding Trigger Pocket Pistol Belgian made 'Arma' pocket pistol of .22 calibre & with chrome finish. Has folding trigger . Comes with certificate of deactivation , UK sales only.
Belgian FN-FAL Type A Bayonet A near mint condition example with undamaged brown wood grips & unblemished metal scabbard . Fantastic bright clean blade. The Belgian FN FAL was produced by FN as of 1953 & saw service in no less than 14 wars over its lifespan. It was still seen in combat service with Argentinian forces in 1982.
Boer War British 3 Rivet 1st Type , 1st Pattern P1888 Lee Metford Bayonet , Scabbard & Frog A fine example of the rare 3 Rivet, 1st Type, 1st Pattern, 1888 pattern Lee Metford Bayonet & Scabbard coming complete with Rivetted Leather Frog. Issued to British troops during the Boer war & early WW1 period this bayonet has a 12" double edged blade with oil clearance holes to both grips. Profusely marked to ricasso it has the 'flat top' crown of the Victorian era with its first issue marking of '1 '90 ' signifying January 1890 . Various reissue dates surround this with broad arrow & WD marking to reverse side. Scabbard is in excellent order with no loose stitching & markings still visible to reverse side. Brown leather frog is of the 8 rivet pattern & survives in very good condition although with some non threatening dryness to securing strap.
British '37 Pattern Webbing Belt 1955 dated A British '37 pattern webbing waistbelt with 1955 date. Identical to the WW2 issue.
British 1903 Pattern Bayonet , Marked To Royal Engineers 1903 pattern bayonet marked to the Royal Engineers with various issue dates of 1908/10/13/14 so well in use during the first world war.
British 1903 Pattern Matching Bayonet In India Pattern Scabbard With Integral Frog & Matching Markings to '20th Sappers & Miners' A scarce British 1903 pattern bayonet with matching markings to scabbard & bayonet for '20.S.M.' for 20th Sappers & Miners. Bayonet has the India Pattern scabbard with integral frog & is in overall quite excellent condition. Made by Enfield with 'EFD' to ricasso the pattern date of 1903 is clearly visible with only one issue date of '8 04' . The regimental marking of '20S.M.' with weapon number '53' can be clearly seen to pommel with matching markings to mouth of scabbard. With much of its original factory blueing remaining to metal surfaces & a very good bright blade there is a repair to the top belt loop section of the frog .
British 1908 Pattern Waistbelt 1937 Dated A 1908 pattern British webbing waistbelt dated 1937. In green blanco with some fraying & service wear all of its brass fittings are complete. Size Medium.
British 1949 Pattern Battledress ( Insignia Removed ) A 1952 dated 1949 pattern battledress with insignia removed. Good condition & a Size 3.
British 1968 Pattern DPM Camouflage Trousers British 1968 Pattern of DPM camouflage trouser in excellent near mint condition. A NATO size 3 with stores label intact. Waist an approx 38 inch with inside leg an approx 30inch.
British Army Officer Sam Browne Belt & Shoulder Strap A very sound British officers Sam Browne belt which measures 48 1/2 inches total length. Complete with shoulder strap.
British L1A3 SLR Bayonet A fine condition example of the British L1A3 bayonet for the SLR rifle. Marked B60 to ricasso & with much of its factory blackening still remaining the pommel catch is still in good working order.
British Military Police Captain MkIV Turtle Helmet A British army MkIV steel combat helmet with markings for that of a Captain in the Military Police. Of the classic 'Turtle' style this pattern of helmet was a modification of the MkIII with the addition of a removeable 'Lift The Dot' press stud liner . The thick green textured paint on its exterior is applied over the factory green with red on blue 'MP' marking & red rank band around its circumference. Three rank pips have been painted to each side. Interior of helmet is dated 1952 with web chinstrap intact.
British Mk IV Camouflaged 'Turtle' Helmet A very striking postwar British 'Turtle' helmet of the Mk IV pattern with an interesting hessian & net cover . This is the modified version of the MkIII helmet with 'Lift The Dot' liner which can be removed by means of a press stud in the dome of the helmet.
British No.36M Mills Bomb Hand Grenade A superb early No.36 British Mills bomb still with its original finish & traces of its original green painted band around middle ( Baratol filling ) & three red crosses to neck denoting it is suitable for a humid climate. A recently discovered example this British hand grenade has 1918 date & J.P & S mark to screw plug . Maker & 1918 date also visible to lever. Now very hard to find good untouched examples. THIS ITEM IS INERT & CAN BE PROVED AS SUCH BY THE REMOVAL OF ALL COMPONENTS & VISUAL INSPECTION. ***** Uk Sales only ****
British No.7 Mk 1L Swivel Handle Bayonet A good example of this innovative bayonet which serves as a handled fighting knife which converts into a bayonet by use of a swivelling pommel & locking catch. Marked 'No.7 M.K.1/L' to ricasso & 'M47A' to pommel for the firm Birmingham Small Arms (B.S.A.) . Overall good used condition with sharpening to blade.
British Postwar Colour Sergeant Denison Smock ( Final Pattern ) A very good example of the final pattern of Denison Smock dating from the late 1960s with its label having noe changed to the new wording ' Smock Camouflage' with a NATO coding added. A Size 1 , the colours on this smock still strong with tail still present , elasticated cuffs . working zip & queens crown Warrant Officer rank badge to right sleeve. A couple of small repairs exist in places through wear but overall a very nice example of the last pattern of Denison Smock.
British Postwar Paratrooper Beret A British Airborne paratrooper beret of the postwar period sold purely as a display piece with the cap badge on this beret not an original example albeit a very convincing replacement. Still quite an attractive piece with soldiers number sewn in to beret & also stamped on to the rear slider of the badge so this may be a veteran worn piece . Khaki serge backing material has been used behind the cap badge & their is considerable wear to the nap of the exterior cloth. Approx a size 52.5cm.
British Royal Air Force 'TYpe D' Survival Knife By Wilkinson Sword British Royal Airforce 'Type D' Wilkinson Sword Survival Knife with Original 'Lift the Dot" Sheath. As issued to RAF pilots this has the Pre-NATO code 27C/2360. Wood grips to handle with original parkerised blade. Condition excellent.
British SLR Cleaning Kit Complete with oil bottle , brush & pull through.
British SLR Sling Green webbing sling of the postwar period for the SLR rifle.
British Sten Gun Magazine British sten gun magazine .
British Victorian Wilkinson Sword Of Lord Ashburton , Hampshire Carabiniers A superb high quality Wilkinson made Victorian Cavalry sword of the Hampshire Carabiniers . With 1857 pattern honeysuckle hilt the guard incorporates the crowned cross carbines and device of the Hampshire Yeomanry (Carabiniers). Sword is serial numbered 35726 (6th April 1898), the left hand side of the blade has the same etched regimental device as on the guard with decorative foliage & HENRY WILKINSON PALL MALL LONDON maker logo. The right hand side of the blade is etched with the Victorian crowned Royal Coat of Arms and foliage, the letters AA surmounted by a Barons Coronet, and Royal Coat of Arms under which the words BY WARRANT with indented circular brass proof mark stamped HW. Complete in its brown leather field service scabbard with frog. Wilkinson records show that the sword was sold to Lord Ashburton on 6th April 1898 however it is interesting that the blade is etched A.A & not F.D. E which were the initials of Lord Ashburton . This would certainly imply that he bought the sword for a fellow officer & so further research would greatly enhance its history. Sword has survived with an immaculate blade & generally excellent condition throughout .
Browning Hi-Power Pistol Lanyard A postwar pistol lanyard for the Hi Power Browning .
Czech Model 58 Bayonet ( For The V58 Assault Rifle ) This is the bayonet for use on the 7.62 mm. Czech VZ-58 assault rifle (7.62 mm samopal vzor 58). The VZ–58 is a variation of the Kalashnikov AK47. The VZ–58 remains in use by the Czech Army, including combat forces deployed to Afghanistan.
Detecting The Fakes ( Robin Lumsden ) Another classic from the well known authority Robin Lumsden this edition on the fakes with comparisons of original & fake pictured next to each other for comparison.
Falklands War Period British DMS Ankle Boots 1982 Dated A 1982 dated pair of the British army issue DMS ankle boots in very good condition. Renowned for their ability to let in water & facilitate the onset of 'trench foot' these were worn during the Falklands campaign by those who had not bought their own privately made boots. A size 8 Large.
French 'Modele D' MAB Pistol & Holster The ' Model D' French MAB pistol was used by the French military before & after WW2 as well as by the French military in Indochina & its military & civilian police forces. With a serial number above 100,000 this example is a postwar produced piece in very good condition. Capable of being cocked , stripped & dryfired it comes with leather holster. Certificate of deactivation supplied, UK sales only.
French Gras Bayonet 1878 This was the last type of the French sword bayonets & was manufactured for the Model 1874 Gras infantry rifle. A very good example of this attractive bayonet with brown wood grips & brass pommel . Its hooked quillon is marked with the serial number. What appears to be the St. Etienne arsenal marking can be faintly seen to back of blade with date 1878. This bayonet was in French military service during many its campaigns from 1873 right through until early WW1.
French Mannlicher Berthier 1892 Pattern Bayonet ( Modified In WW1 ) A good example of the French Mannlicher Berthier 1892 bayonet with hooked quillon partially removed in 1915. It is interesting to note that the quillon was only partially removed as the serial number was stamped on it , near to the cross guard. This is the second pattern with wood grips , first patterns had black composite grips & smaller rivets which were found to be too weak for military service. A clean example with some dents to lower end of scabbard.
German 7.65mm Walther PPK Of James Bond fame the pocket sized Walther PPK was designed in the early 1930's as an easily concealable police weapon .This classic coldwar example has all matching numbers & is in excellent condition with Walther logo to magazine & slide . Comes with certificate of deactivation .UK sales only.
German Army Uniforms Of World War Two ( Wade Krawczyc ) One of the best German uniform & equipment books ever published in my opinion with totally original items being worn as they would have been in the field , barracks or walking out. All colour photographs!
German Heckler & Koch G3 Bayonet In excellent condition with grooved plastic grip & lightweight carbon scabbard . A near mint example.
German Infantryman At War 1939-1945 ( George Forty ) In near new condition.
German Machine Gun 50 Round Ammunition Belt A 50 round belt of ammunition for the MG 34/42 machine gun . Belt is wartime German & 1940 dated. Rounds postwar.
German Soldiers Of World War Two ( Histoire & Collections ) The must have reference book for collectors of WW2 German militaria. Original uniforms , weapons & equipment from some of the best French collections displayed here.
German Type C Socket Bayonet This Type C example was sold commercially by AES, a follow-on to the famous Carl Eickhorn Waffenfabrik that went bankrupt in1975. It was made for the FNFAL selective-fire rifles that incorporated the 22 mm. NATO-spec flash hider. The scabbard body is plastic, with an integral web belt hanger. The hilt strap's stippled glove fastener is also characteristic of AES products. Excellent condition.
German Webbing Y Straps A pair of German Webbing Y straps which appear to be of WW2 period however have had rivets used in their construction . In used condition they have correct webbing & metal fittings, buckles etc however the use of rivets would lead me to believe some sort of postwar use. Rust to metal parts.
Italian Beretta BM59/M70 Bayonet Italian Knife Bayonet for the Beretta BM59 & M70 Assault Rifles. It closely resembles the American M4 bayonet on which it is based. It has an M4 style blade and measures 11 ½” overall. Almost of its original factory blueing remains to metal parts. Bayonet comes complete with its original green plastic scabbard with integral webbing frog that has single retaining strap & press stud fastener. The scabbard has no manufacturer marks but is based on the US M8A1 scabbard (see pages 191 & 201 item 452 of ‘The Bayonet Book’ by White & Watts.
Nazi Insignia ( EWW Fowler ) Colour photographs of items from one of the most popular fields of collecting.
Nazi Regalia ( Jack Pia ) The classic work by Jack Pia with many colour photographs of uniforms & insignia.
Polish AKM Assault Carbine Bayonet A postwar Polish bayonet for use with the 7.62 mm AKM as well as the caliber 5.45×39 mm. karabinek wzór 1988 Tantal (carbine model 1988 Tantalum) and 5.56 mm. NATO caliber karabinek szturmowy wz. 1996 Beryl [assault carbine model 1996 Beryllium]. Adopted around 1972 this bayonet comes with its leather belt hanger.
Portuguese FBP M48 SMG Bayonet With Frog This scarce bayonet is for the Portugese FBP (Fabrico Braco de Prata) M/948 Submachine gun & comes complete with its distinctive side mounted green webbing frog. The double edged short blade could be used as both a bayonet and a hand to hand combat fighting knife as required. Overall very good condition with small dent to rear of scabbard.
Postwar British 2 Inch Mortar Bomb 1952 A 1952 dated example completely empty & with original paint & stencilling. ***UK SALES WITHIN GB ONLY****
Postwar British Ankle Boots A postwar period pair of British army ankle boots having at one time been well bulled up for parade use. A size 10L .
Postwar British Paratrooper Helmet
Postwar Bundeswehr K98 Cleaning Kit German cleaning kit from the postwar period containing bakelite oil bottle , pull through & brushes .
Postwar Israeli Marked Mauser Sling A derivative of the WW2 German Mauser sling differing from the wartime German from the lack of cross hatching & the giveaway Israeli 'K' marking . Perfect for renenactment with a reproduction stopper supplied. ( Stud minus ) .
Postwar Parachute Regiment Shoulder Title Pair Embroidered title pair removed from a battledress & in good condition.
Postwar Webbing Sten Gun Sling Identical to the wartime made examples but with postwar markings to rear.
Pre WW1 British 1903 Pattern Bayonet In '08 Frog Regimentally Marked To Royal Garrison Artillery British 1903 Pattern Bayonet & '08 Frog , Royal Garrison Artillery Pre WW1 1903 pattern bayonet pommel marked to 1st Company, Royal Garrison Artillery & still in its 1908 pattern webbing frog. Very crudely marked to pommel with Enfield maker to ricasso & only the one 'January 1905' issue date with no later dates present. Some bruising to wood grips but overall very good. It is of note that the frog has had its helve strap removed before or during WW1 as was common practice by the Garrison Artillery having no requirement to carry the entrenching tool or its helve.
Rare 1874 'Gras' Bayonet Frog A very rare brown leather 1874 Gras bayonet frog in excellent condition. All stitching is still firm with front securing strap totally intact. Of note is the slightly protruding leather 'bulge' on the left side of the frog this was to prevent the hooked quillon from chaffing on the uniform.
Reproduction British No.38 Wireless Set Instruction Template A modern reproduction of the scarce No.38 Wireless Set Working Instructions . This was a two sided instruction card issued with every set the originals being practically impossible to find. Measures 20 X 12.5 cm.
Russian Mosin Nagant 1944 Model Carbine With Folding Bayonet The model 1944 carbine replaced the M138 model with the addition of its folding cruciform bayonet as seen here. The bayonet was permanently fixed so could be quickly used when needed . These carbines were made postwar this example being dated 1952 dated. Comes complete with cleaning rod. Comes with certificate of deactivation. UK sales only.
Russian Postwar Ssh40 Steel Combat Helmet A very nice example of the Russian Ssh40 combat helmet used from 1940 up until the 1970s. Practically identical to the wartime issues a few minor differences differentiate the postwar production the date stamp within the manufacturer markings indicating Lysvinskiy Metallicheskiy Zavod & a size 2 . In very good condition with web chinstrap & ideal for a visual representation of the wartime Russian soldier.
Russian PPSH Sub Machine Gun Sling Web & leather sling for the PPSH submachine gun in apparently unissued condition.
Spanish CETME Model L Bayonet ( 1970s ) The Spanish CETME Model L bayonet was used with the 5.56 mm. NATO caliber CETME Model L assault rifle, a variant of the HK33. The CETME Model L bayonet blade is patterned after the U.S. M4 bayonet-knife, but is 2.25 in. (57 mm.) longer than the more common H & K G3 bayonet. It has an 11–groove green plastic grip. It has a broad plain crosspiece secured by two domed rivets, similar to the Rheinmetall G3 bayonet. The blade, guard, and pommel are painted black. The scabbard is closely patterned after the M1964 scabbard. The CETME Model L bayonet was produced by the state-owned Santa Bárbara Sistemas factory, under auspices of the Instituto Nacional de Industria (INI).
SS Himmlers Black Order ( Robin Lumsden ) & Waffen SS ( Christopher Ailsby ) Pair of books on Hitlers SS in good condition.
SS Regalia ( Jack Pia ) Some excellent colour photographs of German items.
SS Regalia ( Robin Lumsden ) Fantastic colour photographs of the articles described therein.
Swedish 1914 Pattern Bayonet & Frog A very good example of the rare Swedish sword bayonet for the M1894/14 Mauser Carbine. This bayonet also fits the 9mm Carl Gustaf Submachine Gun M/1945C (Kulsprutepistol m/1945C). This example was made at Eskilstuna Jernmanufactur AB (Eskilstuna Iron Manufacturing, Inc.), as evidenced by the 'EJ & AB ' maker's trademark on the ricasso. A fabulous hardly used example coming complete with correct brown leather frog.
Swedish Model 1896 Mauser Bayonet With Scabbard & Frog This is a good example of the knife bayonet for use on the 6.5 mm.1896 Swedish Mauser rifle. This bayonet was also used with the M38 Short Rifle and AG42b Ljungmann self-loading rifle. This example was made by the firm, Eskilstuna Jernmanufakuraktiebolag AB (Eskilstuna Iron Manufacturing, Inc.).
Swiss SIG Model 57 ( Sig Automatic Rifle ) Bayonet Knife bayonet for use on the 7.5 mm. Sturmgewehr 57 selective rifle made by the firm Schweizerische Industrie-Gesellschaft (S.I.G.). The Stgw. 57 had a very long service life, remaining in production from 1958–1983. This is an excellent example with plastic belt frog introduced in 1990. These frogs are found with the Sturmgewehr 50 & 90 bayonet. 'W' to ricasso signifies blade maker 'W' & the 'WF' motif Waffenfabrik Bern.
Swiss STG 57 Bayonet & Scabbard This bayonet and scabbard are for the Swiss SIG Stgw (Sturmgewehr)57 assault rifle, manufactured from 1957 to 1983. Made by Wenger, the same people who make the Swiss Army Knife, this is a very high quality bayonet in excellent condition. The Stgw. 57 had a very long service life, remaining in production from 1958–1983. The "W + F" mark indicates assembly by Waffenfabrik Bern. Excellent condition .
The Black Corps ( Robin Lumsden ) A collectors guide to the fascinating history & regalia of the SS by Robin Lumsden.
The Civil War Soldier , A Photographic Journey 121 pages of Civil War Reenactment in colour photographs.
Third Reich Cloth Insignia ( Brian L Davis & Ian Westwell ) Some superb colour photographs .
Third Reich Militaria ( Robin Lumsden ) Excellent reference book on all subjects of Third Reich militaria by advanced collector Robin Lumsden.
Two Books - Waffen - SS The Unpublished Photographs & Hitlers Generals Some very good photographs & information in these two classic works.
Uniforms & Traditions of The German Army (Angolia & Schmidt , Vol.3) The long out of print Bender published 'Uniforms & Traditions Of The German Army vol. 3 ' which concentrates on the equipment & weapons & has long since been a must for any collectors library. Probably the greatest reference work on the German army of WW2 ever published it contains 640 pages of pictures & detailed information on subjects such as personal kit , engineers equipment , signals equipment , small arms , ammunition pouches , battle packs, pouches etc. This is a very used 1987 first edition with the handwritten owners name in blue biro & date of 1988 to inside covers.
Uniforms Of The SS Volume 2 ' Germanische-SS ' ( Hugh Page Taylor ) The sought after classic work by Hugh Page Taylor this being Volume 2 ' Germanische-SS 1940-1945 ' .
Uniforms Of The SS Volume 5 ' Sicherdienst Und Sicherheitspolizei 1931-1945 ' ( Andrew Mollo ) The hard to obtain volume 5 of this classic work by Andrew Mollo .
US M5A1 Bayonet & Scabbard This is one example of the M5 Garand bayonet family this being the M5-A1 manufactured by the US in the 1960s' With good undamaged black plastic checquered grips it is marked 'USM5A1' & 'MILPAR COL' to the underside of the crossguard . An issued bayonet with sharpened edges it comes in its original scabbard marked 'USM8A1 PWH' .
Victorian Lee Metford 1888 MkII Pattern Bayonet , Matching Numbers Very clean example of the 1888 pattern MkII Lee Metford with matching '791' serial number to bayonet & scabbard. Ricasso marked with 'VR' cypher & only one issue date of '10 '95 '. Wilkinson , London maker. Scabbard is in excellent order with broad arrow & 'EFD' mark. Superb Victorian period display piece.
Victorian Lee Metford Bayonet Regimentally Marked To 1st Welch Lee Metford bayonet regimentally marked ' 1.WEL ' ( 1st Battalion Welsh Regiment ) & made by Mole with first issue date of August 1899 . Overall good condtion with some age to metal surfaces.
VZ24 Czech Mauser Bayonet A very clean example of the 'edge upwards' VZ 24 Mauser bayonet this example dated 1946 . Much of its original blueing remains to metal surfaces with undamaged wood grips & crisp markings to ricasso & frog stud of scabbard.
Waffen SS Uniforms & Insignia ( Wade Krawczyk & Peter Lukacs ) Some excellent colour photographs from advanced collections the author following on from his last succesful work on German Army Uniforms.
WW1 'Gallipoli' Interest British '07 Pattern Hooked Quillon Bayonet, 9th Battalion , Worcester Regiment A fine example of the WW1 British 1907 pattern hooked quillon bayonet with regimental markings to the 9th Battalion, Worcester Regiment on its pommel. The 9th (Service) Battalion landed in Gallipoli as part of the 39th Brigade in the 13th (Western) Division in July 1915. The battalion was evacuated from Gallipoli and moved to Egypt in January 1916. They transferred to the North Persia Force in July 1918. With much original blueing remaining to its metal surfaces the blade is very nice & bright & has clear markings stamped to the ricasso. Made by Enfield (EFD) Its first & only issue date is '09 13' & so is a strong candidate for having been souvenired after the campaign by its original owner. Only a small amount of pitting exists to one side of the pommel area. Walnut grips are excellent with only very minor service bruising. The black leather second pattern scabbard is correct for this bayonets date having come into service from 1909 onwards. It is in superb condition with illegible markings 'EFD' markings to reverse. The two digits of the date can just about be seen & although not 100% dechiperable through wear the outline remaining could well fit the '13' issue date of the bayonet. An overall excellent piece that could certainly tell a story.
WW1 1903 Pattern Bayonet & Scabbard Pommel Marked To 6th Worcestershire Regiment . A very nice 1903 pattern bayonet with regimental markings to '6WR' for 6th Battalion Worcestershire regiment., . First issue date to ricasso of '3 04' with later issues of '07' & '13'. Two previous regimental markings exist to pommel one being from the Royal Garrison Artillery. Some rust to scabbard throat otherwise good.
WW1 Artillery Luger / Bergmann Snail Drum Magazine A very rare & undoubtedly original Artillery luger 32 round snail drum/Trommel Magazine complete with dust cover sleeve. This was the same magazine used with the Bergmann sub machine gun of WW1 . A classic WW1 piece of luger equipment these are very hard to find this being the first model with extendable winding lever. Well marked to drum with serial number & its 9mm round capacity of 32 the manufacturers mark B over N is visible for the firm Bing Bros of Nurnberg Germany. In superb condition & the first original I have seen in quite some time . The exceptionally rare loading tool that came with it is listed seperately. ***UK SALES ONLY*** UK SALES ONLY***UK SALES ONLY
WW1 British '07 Bayonet 1915 A 1915 dated Sanderson made '07 bayonet with no oil hole & matching 1915 dated scabbard. Only one set of issue dates to ricasso of '10 15' with inspection marks to reverse side. Brown leather scabbard is 'H.G.R.15' marked with '15' date. Light beech coloured wood grips have some bruising with general age/light peppering to metal surfaces.
WW1 British '07 Bayonet With WW2 'Territorial Anti Aircraft' Markings To Pommel A fine example of the 1907 pattern bayonet with Wilkinson maker & various issue dates to ricasso of '18. 24, '28 & '32' . This bayonet has later issue markings to a Territorial Royal Engineers Anti Aircraft Company .. 'T' 'RE' 452 .A.A.C 45 ' . Overall in very good condition with service use overall.
WW1 British '07 Pattern Bayonet (1915 Issue Date) The British infantrymen of WW1 were all armed with this SMLE bayonet many seeing action in the trenches of WW1. This particular example has only one issue marking for the date February 1915 & so was most likely only ever used in WW1 before being kept as a souvenir. Made by Sanderson it has all the usual inspector & pattern marks to ricasso with a number '12' stamped into the pommel. In very good overall condition it has a parkerised blade & working pommel catch . Black leather scabbard in very good condition.
WW1 British '07 Pattern Bayonet & Scabbard ( 1910 ) 1907 pattern Sanderson made bayonet of pre WW1 vintage having first issue dates of ' 1 10' to ricasso . This is a quillon removed example with oilhole added. Various later issue dates with pommel markings ' SV 112 ' & ' 1 RJM' . Scabbard HGR marked & 1917 dated. Quite a clean example.
WW1 British '07 Pattern Hooked Quillon Bayonet 1909 A 1909 dated Wilkinson made '07 pattern hooked quillon bayonet with scarce Mk1 brown leather scabbard. A very nice early example the ricasso has only one issue mark of '10 09' for October 1909. Most likely a souvenir kept piece those that stayed in service had their hooked quillons removed a few years after this date. Profusely inspection marked to opposite side ricasso the walnut grips are excellent with no unsightly bruising or dents to the wood. Blade is mostly bright & clean with some rubbed areas in places. Pommel catch in working order. Scabbard is of the Mark one pattern , 1909 was their last year of issue & so this is totally correct for this bayonet. The broad arrow mark & initials 'AC' are visible for the firm 'Chapman , the date '09' for 1909 can also be seen. With some light service use overall this is a true WW1 souvenir from the early battles of the British army such as Mons, Loos & Gallipoli.
WW1 British '07 Pattern Hooked Quillon Bayonet Regimentally Marked To 1st Batt. Grenadier Guards A matching numbered 1907 pattern hooked quillon bayonet with regimental markings of the 1st Battalion Grenadier Guards who fought heavily on the Western Front in the early part of WW1 when this bayonet would have been in use. With markings to the ricasso showing first issue date of October 1908 the maker mark is for that of Enfield with two further issue dates of 1910 & 1913 visible. The regimental marking of '1.G.G' is visible to the pommel with the low number '120' which matches that of the scabbard. Its black leather scabbard is the Mk1 pattern with internal chape totally correct for this early date. All stitching to its central seam is intact. Overall condition is fair for this rare bayonet with a small area of the wood grip & the metal next to it having received a hit of some kind quite possible as the result of battle. The 1st Battalion Grenadier Guards had been in Belgium and France from 5 October 1914 with the British Expeditionary Force. They served on the Western Front in 1914 and 1915 taking part in the First Battle of Ypres (19 October – 5 November 1914), the Battle of Neuve Chapelle (10 – 13 March 1915), the Battle of Aubers Ridge (9 May), the Battle of Festubert (15 – 19 May), and the Battle of Givenchy (15 and 16 June).[3]
WW1 British '07 Pattern Hooked Quillon Bayonet Regimentally Marked To Worcester regiment An excellent 1907 pattern hooked quillon bayonet with regimental markings to the Worcester Regiment. With an Enfield maker mark to ricasso the first issue date of October 1913 is visible with their being no further issue dates after that. It is of note that this was the last year for hooked quillons & being quite late the second pattern 1911 dated scabbard is totally correct. The markings ' 6.W.R.' are clearly visible to the pommel with all metal surfaces excellent & most of the original factory blueing remaining. A very clean example.
WW1 British '07 Pattern Hooked Quillon Bayonet Regimentally Marked To Worcester regiment An excellent 1907 pattern hooked quillon bayonet with regimental markings to the Worcester Regiment. With an Enfield maker mark to ricasso the first issue date of October 1913 is visible with their being no further issue dates after that. It is of note that this was the last year for hooked quillons & being quite late the second pattern 1915 dated HGR scabbard finishes it off very nicely. . The markings ' 6.W.R.' are clearly visible to the pommel with all metal surfaces excellent & most of the original factory blueing remaining. A very clean example.
WW1 British 'Robbins Dudley' Push Dagger Rare first world war private purchase push dagger made by the well recorded maker Robbins of Dudley . Designed by the Robbins firm for close quarter trench warfare it featured a cast alloy hilt with steel knuckle bow & was one of a number of push dagger variations with a variety of blade lengths offered by the Dudley based firm. A well used piece with expected sharpening & some slight shortening this sometimes at the preference of its owner.
WW1 British 13 Pounder Artillery Shell A superb Great War unfired & totally inert 13 Pounder artillery shrapnel shell complete with fuse. Clearly marked to the body & dated August 1915 it is capable of being stripped down for its internal parts to be viewed. UK Sales restricted & postage within Great Britain only.
WW1 British 18 Pounder Shell , 1917 Dated A superb WW1 artillery shell being the famous 18 Pounder used extensively by British forces in WW1. Marked to the body ' IX 18Pr VSMW 9 17 ' . VSM denotes the manufacturer Vickers , Sons & Maxim & ' 9 17 ' the date September 1917. Comes with brass fuse which can be stripped down to the base. Totally empty & free from explosive both shell & fuse can be inspected as such.
WW1 British 1907 Pattern '15 Dated SMLE Bayonet A very aged example of the 1907 pattern SMLE bayonet , this piece was found in a house in the small town of Poperinge some years ago. Very rust pitted to surfaces with an apparent issue date of '10 15' still visible to ricasso.
WW1 British 1907 Pattern ' 3rd London Regiment ' Marked Bayonet & Scabbard Interesting 07 pattern bayonet with regimental markings to pommel of '3 LD ' for the 3rd Battalion London Regiment . Wilkinson marked to ricasso & with apparent first issue date of ' 11 18 ' there is minimal finish remaining to pommel , hilt , scabbard throat & chape but good undamaged walnut grips to bayonet . Bayonet tight fit to scabbard. ***Free worldwide postage***
WW1 British 1907 Pattern 1907 Pattern Bayonet 1916 A WW1 1907 pattern SMLE bayonet , the standard British rifle bayonet of WW1. A 1916 dated example made by Sanderson with no later issue dates visible. With working oil holed pommel this is a used example showing service wear & age in places.
WW1 British 1907 Pattern Bayonet Marked ' Brighton OTC ' Wilikinson made '07 pattern bayonet with pommel markings 'BTN O.T.C' for Brighton Officer Training Corps. Many issue stamps on the ricasso the first appearing to be May 1918. Scabbard is 'HGR' maker marked with dates of 1916/18 & 1919 . Overall some age spotting to metal however wood grips & leather very good.
WW1 British 1907 Pattern Bayonet & '14 Pattern Frog An excellent representative example of the British issue 1907 pattern SMLE bayonet first issued in July 1918 & coming complete with 1914 pattern leather frog. A very clean example with a strikingly good blade it is well marked to the ricasso bearing its issue date , '1907' pattern designation & maker name ' SANDERSON' . Excellent undamaged walnut grips adorn the handle with a high proportion, if not all , of its original blueing remaining to handle. Brown leather frog has had its helve strap removed from the rear , this most likely according to the 1915 order of removal by cavalry & artillery troops who were not issued with the entrenching tool hence the helve strap being superfluous.
WW1 British 1907 Pattern Bayonet & Scabbard , Sanderson 1916 A very clean 1907 pattern bayonet with Sanderson maker to ricasso & issue date of June 1916. Bayonet has excellent undamaged wooden grips & much of its original blueing remaining to metal surfaces. Its parkerised blade shows only minor spotting . Steel mounted leather scabbard good with much finish & minor age to metal in places.
WW1 British 1907 Pattern Bayonet 1915 Dated ( Marked Royal Marines ) 1907 pattern bayonet marked to the Royal Marines with first issue date of May 1915 . A Sanderson made piece the Royal Marine markings to pommel are clear. A second issue date of '27' appears to ricasso reverse. Overall good condition with a very acceptable amount of its original blueing remaining .
WW1 British 1907 Pattern Bayonet 1917 A WW1 1907 pattern SMLE bayonet dated 1917. A Wilkinson made example with inspection markings to rear . Only the '17 of the issue date can be made out , scabbard 'HGR' marked & matching '17 dated. Used example with some age to metal surfaces.
WW1 British 1907 Pattern Bayonet Regimentally Marked To 12th KRR This '07 pattern bayonet is 1915 dated & regimentally marked '12 KRR ' for the 12th Battallion Kings Royal Rifle Corps . The 12th Battalion of the KRR landed at Boulogne in 1915 & fought on the Western Front right up until November 1918. The long list of battles in which they were involved includes Delville Wood , Guillemont , Cambrai, Polygon Wood & The Somme. In very reasonable condition the markings to the pommel read '6 15' & ' 12 KRR 930 ' . The ricasso has first issue date of ' 6 15 ' with Sanderson maker . No other issue dates are present. Brown leather scabbard is HGR maker marked ( Hepburn, Gale & Ross ) & 1915 dated. Some overall light rust age to metal surfaces with some light spotting to blade. .
WW1 British 1907 Pattern Bayonet With East Surrey/Suffolk Regimental Markings 1915 A 1907 pattern WW1 SMLE bayonet with 1915 date to ricasso & regimental markings to pommel of 'ES' (Quite possibly East Surrey Regiment) & '3 SK ' (3 Suffolk ) one having apparently been issued after the other. A weapon number appears beneath this. The issue date ' 2 '15 ' accompanies the makers initials 'JAC' with the usual inspection marks to reverse & no further dates. In overall very good condition.
WW1 British 1907 Pattern SMLE Bayonet A very clean WW1 SMLE bayonet to fit the British No1 MkIII rifle the standard service rifle of WW1. Made by Wilkinson & with its first issue date of August 1918 , the walnut grips are undamaged & most blueing remains to metal surfaces. With a good parkerised blade & 'EFD' for Enfield marked scabbard it is an excellent example of the WW1 British soldiers bayonet.
WW1 British 1908 Pattern Bayonet Frog 1917 British WW1 '08 pattern bayonet frog MECo marked & dated 1917 . This fits the standard SMLE bayonet & does not appear ever to have had a helve strap on so may have been issued to a cavalry , corps or training unit . ***Free worldwide postage***
WW1 British 1908 Pattern Webbing Frog A British 1908 pattern frog fitting the standard SMLE bayonet . Green blanco to webbing. ***Free worldwide postage***
WW1 British 1915 Dated .303 Rounds & Charger Extremely rare WW1 pattern of charger for the SMLE with five rounds of 'W 15' marked inert .303 rounds ( 1915 dated ) . UK sales within GB only.
WW1 British No.1 MKIII SMLE Rifle A good clean example of the WW1 SMLE with 1911 date & BSA maker marking to wrist strap. Very nice clean wood furniture adorns this early piece with brass butt plate & correct round cocking piece. The once present cut off plate has now been removed & rifle exhibits a good smooth bolt action capable of being cocked, stripped & dryfired. Detachable box magazine. Comes with certificate of deactivation. UK sales only.
WW1 British No.1 MKIII SMLE Rifle 1915 A 1915 dated example of the WW1 SMLE with early cocking roundel & correct WW1 detachable magazine. Nice dark patina to woodwork & much blueing remaining to metal surfaces . Made by the famous BSA ( British Small Arms ) it cocks , strips & dryfires & comes with certificate of deactivation. UK sales only.
WW1 British No.1 MKIII SMLE Rifle 1916 ( Matching Numbers ) WW1 standard British SMLE infantry rifle dated 1916 with the added bonus of having matching serial numbers to breech , bolt & bayonet lug. This classic WW1 rifle has working bolt action capable of being cocked , stripped & dryfired. All of the woodwork is original with no modern replacement parts as found on many WW1 dated SMLEs now. Condition is good with some light age in places to metal surfaces. Comes with certificate of deactivation. UK GB sales only.
WW1 British No.19 Hand Grenade This very rare item of WW1 Trench Warfare is officially known as the 'Hand Grenade No.19 Mark 1' & was introduced in January 1916. A percussion grenade, it was developed by the Trench Warfare Dept to feed the shortfall of No.1 & No.2 Grenades. It is complete with all of its correct fittings & still has the correct 3 cloth tails which assisted to guide these grenades in flight. Fully strippable , this item is inert & can be proved as such by visual inspection. ****UK Sales only ***
WW1 British P13 Bayonet & Scabbard 1915 A WW1 P13 model bayonet for the British P14 rifle made under US contract by Remington. These were later used by the British Home Guard in WW2 who were armed with the P14 rifle . This example has the Remington maker mark to ricasso with model '1913' & issue date '12 15 ' . Bayonet is excellent with most original blueing remaining to metal . Brown walnut grips are undamaged. There is pitting to its tight fitting metal scabbard throat & chape with leather chaffed & creased at top end. .
WW1 British P13 Bayonet & Scabbard 1916 A WW1 P13 model bayonet for the British P14 rifle made under US contract by Remington. These were later used by the British Home Guard in WW2 who were armed with the P14 rifle . In good used condition it has the Remington maker mark to ricasso with model '1913' & issue date '10 16 ' ( Faint ) . Serial number to pommel. Some fine pitting to metal scabbard throat & chape.
WW1 British P14 Bolt Action Rifle A good example of the British early WW1 'P14' bolt action rifle. Made in the USA it was used by British troops in WW1 & saw extensive service in WW2 with the Home Guard. This example comes with intact front sight & is capable of being cocked , stripped & dryfired. Bolt action still has a very good mechanical action . The body of its WW1 period windage sight remains to stock , the arms were removed after this period as they were deemed no longer practical. Unit markings to butt mounted brass plates. Comes with certificate of deactivation. UK sales only.
WW1 British Pre WW1 1903 Pattern SMLE Bayonet Marked To Royal Engineers A Royal Engineers marked pre WW1 1903 pattern SMLE bayonet . Many of these saw service in WW1 the RE markings on the pommel of this example most likely dating from the WW1 period . Markings are 'R.E.' A crossed out ' 7138 ' then '10 c.o' surmounted by a '1'. Various issue dates to ricasso with the earliest apparently being '07 & the latest '13 . 'EFD' marked to scabbard with inspection marking. A scarce bayonet.
WW1 British Regimentally Marked 'Munster Fusiliers' 1907 Pattern Hooked Quillon Bayonet & Scabbard Rare 1907 pattern hooked quillon bayonet with regimental markings to the well fielded First World War Royal Munster Fusiliers . This regular Irish infantry regiment were extremely active in WW1 landing in the famous battle of Gallipolli as well as France before their eventual disbandment in 1922. Made by Wilkinson , a scarce maker for this 1909 manufactured bayonet with production only reaching 25,575 of these by the end of 1911. Compared to Enfields total of more than 175,000 by the same date this is a rare bayonet to encounter today. With only one ricasso issue date of August 1909 & a strikingly clean blade the walnut grips are in excellent unbruised condition & the pommel catch is still working. Brown leather scabbard very clean & with visible broad arrow marking .
WW1 British Sweetheart Cards Set In Frame Three sweetheart cards in a period wooden frame . ' The Flags of Civilisation' feature on the top card with 'ASC' Army Service Corps & embroidered badge to centre. Bottom card features 'Your Tommy' with decoration.
WW1 British Webley .455 MkVI Service Revolver 1917 An excellent old spec clear chambers example Webley MkVI revolver dated 1917. With most of its original blueing still intact this piece has matching numbers & is capable of having inert .455 calibre rounds inserted into the cylinder . Profuse ordnance markings adorn this piece with the war department broad arrow being most prevalent. Both of its black checquered grips remain undamaged & intact , lanyard ring present. Comes with certificate of deactivation & fully cocks & dryfires. UK Sales within Great Britain only.
WW1 British/US P17 Bayonet With Home Guard Frog A 1917 dated P17 bayonet complete with original leather scabbard & belt hook. The brown leather frog indicates WW2 Home Guard use due to their issue of the P17 rifle. A harder to find Winchester made example with 'W' to ricasso & the date 1917. The 'US' is visible to the reverse with flaming grenade ordnance mark. Excellent parkerised blade & much original blueing remains to metal surfaces.
WW1 Canadian 1905/10 MkII Regimentally Marked Ross Bayonet 1917 A good example of the Mk II Canadian Ross bayonet with 'Ross Rifle Quebec Patented ' to one side of pommel & broad arrow within 'C' on the other. There is also the date '1/17' . Bayonet only.
WW1 French 1886 Lebel Bayonet This is the early issue of 1886 Lebel bayonet used by French troops in WW1 with its 'German silver' handle & hooked quillon. Serial numbered to quillon .
WW1 French Lebel Bayonet An excellent example of the French 1886 Lebel bayonet in its original early form these being much modified during the First World War. Many examples today have had the 'blade breaker' hooked quillon removed .This one remains intact. The 25" cruciform blade is excellent & bright & the silver alloy (white-metal) grip is undamaged. Scabbard has been brightly polished . A scarce bayonet to find still with its hooked quillon in very good non pitted condition.
WW1 French Lebel Bayonet 86/93/16 The French 'Poilu' of WW1 was armed with the Lebel rifle there being a few changes to its bayonet over its life span. This is the last pattern produced & has , as from 1915 onwards , a brass handle & no hooked quillon. These were found to snag on equipment & barbed wire & so were either removed or manufactured without from this date onwards. Overall a very nice example complete with scabbard .
WW1 German S98/05 Regimentally Marked Sawback Butcher Bayonet 1916 Date A German sawback butcher bayonet with rare non pioneer regimental markings to hilt ' LJ MK 1.278 ' . These markings translate to ' 1st Company , Landwehr Infantry Munitions Column Weapon Number 278 .' .Only a small number of WW1 dated butcher bayonets were regimentally marked with the sawback blade originally intended for pioneer troops only. Made by Weyersberg Kirschbaum & Cie Solingen it has Prussian cypher to spine & date 1916. In a totally correct second pattern all metal scabbard there is some bruising to wood grips but a very nice non pitted patina existing to metal surfaces. Blade excellent.
WW1 Imperial German 84/98 Bayonet An Imperial German 84/98 bayonet with Saxon cypher to spine of blade . Non maker marked as was the case with some manufacturers. Complete with original scabbard however throat & throat screw minus.
WW1 Imperial German 98/05 'Butcher' Bayonet WW1 German Butcher bayonet of the 98/05 model with early first pattern leather & steel mounted scabbard. Maker marked to ricasso ' Stahlblume ' with winged angel emblem the Prussian 'W' cypher appears to back of blade with the date of manufacture '16'. There is age to its metal surfaces in the form of very fine pitting with some pitting spots also in places to its very sharp blade. Scabbard has some distortion to the leather although mainly intact stitching to rear seam. The wear & age to the metal matches exactly to that of the bayonet & have come together from the trenches of WW1. What appears to be blast damage appears on the upper edge of the chape however both this & throat are tight to the leather. Bayonet tight to scabbard . ****FREE POSTAGE WORLDWIDE*****
WW1 Imperial German 98/05 'Butcher' Bayonet 1918 Used condition but scarce 1918 dated 'butcher' bayonet of the 98/05 model. Alex Coppel maker to ricasso with 'W' cypher for Prussia . Some age pitting to metal surfaces.
WW1 Imperial German Bone Handled Trench Knife A classic well used bone handled trench knife as used by the Imperial German army this piece being made by G.Felix , Solingen . Brown leather sheath is in good order with some draw wear to sides of throat. Blade measures just under 15cm in length .
WW1 Imperial German Ersatz Bayonet A good example of the Imperial German ersatz bayonet complete with scabbard & much of its original green paint remaining . A good clean blade compliments this classic WW1 German bayonet very nicely .
WW1 Imperial German Field Modified 'Butcher' Fighting Knife ( Saxon ) A totally original field modified WW1 German cut down 'Butcher' bayonet converted for trench fighting with its quillon removed & a modified German scabbard . The markings to the back of the blade denote this to be of Saxon origin. Of distinct high quality workmanship this is converted from a 1913 dated first pattern 'High Ears 'butcher with '13' date to back of blade & Saxon marking 'FA' for Frederic Augusta. Ricasso markings of 'CG haenel Suhl' . The modified German scabbard is typical of that converted for use with such a weapon , the brazing of the frog stud would have been part of the conversion process & is totally original to the piece.
WW1 Imperial German First Pattern 'High Ears' G98 Bayonet 1914 A very good 1914 dated first pattern bayonet with the distinctive 'high ears' of this model & Prussian cypher to black of blade. Maker marked to Simson & Co Suhl with second pattern steel scabbard. Very nice condition example with good wood grips & working pommel catch.
WW1 Imperial German G98 'Butcher' Bayonet A good German butcher bayonet with double maker to ricasso of 'H.Mundloss & Co Magdeburg' & 'Gebr.Hartkopf Solingen' . 1917 date to black of blade with Prussian cypher. Blade is good & bright with very only minor bruising to wood grips. Some patchy pitting to scabbard.
WW1 Imperial German G98 Butcher Bayonet 1916 A 98/05 'Butcher' bayonet for the G98 rifle dated 1916 to rear of blade. Working pommel catch & in used condition. Bayonet only.
WW1 Imperial German G98 Rifle 1916 A 1916 dated mostly matching example of the standard WW1 Imperial German infantry rifle , the Gewehr 98 . Having survived the rigours of trench warfare in its first few years of life it has matching numbers on the bolt, magazine plate, wooden stock with one screw matching , bolt removal catch , breech & receiver . Front sight still in good working order with slide intact. Made by Spandau in 1916 it is profusely marked with Imperial inspection stamps , also appearing on the butt where there are the handcarved initials 'EWB' . The woodwork exhibits wear typical of a well combat used piece , there is some pitting to metal surfaces. Capable of being cocked , stripped & dryfired , comes with certificate of deactivation . UK sales only.
WW1 Imperial German M1915/16 High Explosive Stick Grenade ( Attributed Somme 1916 ) A very rare WW1 German high explosive stick grenade complete with Somme 1916 attributation . This is the model produced from late 1915 onwards & is an example manufactured by the electrical firm AEG ' Allgemeine Elektricitats-Gesellschaft ' . With the grenade head formed from green painted sheet steel the insert detonator before use wording ' Vor Gebrauch Sprengkapseln Einsetzen' is still partly visible with faint lettering to the top of the grenade & belt hook intact to side. Wood shaft has the time designation ' 5 1/2 SEK. A.E.G. ( Five and a half seconds ) with faint ink stamps of fuse fitting. Nice to see on this example is the often rotted away tin screw cap housing with screw cap having thin very old lettering painted to it 'Somme 1916' . A porcelain ball is present within its housing. Now becoming nearly impossible to find this is a very good example straight from the Somme battlefield with most of its original green paint remaining to head , no woodworm to handle & a very good proportion of its original stencilling remaining . Only a couple of holes exist to head through either age or shrapnel , the grenade is totally free from explosive & can be proved as such upon inspection. ***UK sales only***
WW1 Imperial German Matching Numbered Luger 1917 With Holster A Bringback example of the WW1 German luger pistol & holster. This is a DWM made 1917 dated example with all matching numbers apart from the magazine. Its original wood checquered grips are undamaged with profuse Imperial German inspection markings to the Lugers right side. In overall very acceptable condition for a 1917 luger there are some very clean original factory blueing remaining areas as well as some areas of fine pitting to the left & right side & also to the underside of the trigger guard & grip strap. Its original brown leather holster came with the pistol & although with some stitch repairs to quite a few areas & the top section a long time removed it is part of the battlefield history & so I have kept them together. Deactivated in 2006 the pistol is fully strippable & capable of being cocked & dryfired. Certificate of deactivation supplied. UK sales within GB only.
WW1 Imperial German Matching Regimentally Marked One Piece Grip S98Aa Sawback NCOs Bayonet with Foul Weather Trench Cover Very rare Imperial German S98Aa one piece grip sawback bayonet with foul weather trench cover & matching regimental markings ' 26.R.9.2. ' for the 26th Infantry Regiment who were fighting with the 7th Division at such early battles as Mons , Le Cateau & The Somme. This bayonet was originally a bringback bayonet from WW1 & most likely captured at one of the aforementioned famous actions. Still on the handle is to be seen the string woven foul weather cover sometimes used by troops to prevent the buildup of mud & dirt in trench conditions. Well field used with the buildup of mud & dirt evident the cover has hardened to the handle & I have made no attempt to remove it. A 1901 dated bayonet the wood handle underneath it is of the rare one piece wraparound grip changed to the more robust two piece from 1902 onwards . This one piece wraparound grip was only made from 1898 to 1902 & so examples are practically unobtainable today. The '01 'date & Prussian 'W' are clearly visible to back of the blade with mark for the Prussian arsenal 'Erfurt' to ricasso. The matching regimental markings are clear to crossguard & rear of the scabbard throat. These markings indicate this bayonets use by a soldier of the 26th Infantry Regiment , 9th Company , Weapon Number 2. The low weapon number two would suggest issue to an NCO who would have received the best equipment , such as this, before the men. It is my opinion that this bayonet was captured at one of the early battles of 1914 such as Mons however the 13th Infantry Brigade, 7th Division ( IV Corps ) with whom the 26th Regiment were fighting were in action at Liege, Mons , Le Cateau , Somme , the fighting on the Aisne & Arras so the list of places where it was quite probably picked up is endless. The bayonet does not fully engage down into the scabbard ( By an approx half inch ) the darkening of the metal at the ricasso indicating that this has been the case for many years. Overall condition is good with some age spotting to areas of the blade & service use overall.
WW1 Imperial German Regimentally Marked S98na Bayonet An interesting regimentally marked Prussian example of the S98na bayonet with two piece grips . Bayonet & scabbard have matching regimental markings of ' 78.R.9.214' for the 78th Infantry Regiment Reserve, 9th Company , Weapon number 214. A classic early Imperial German piece the maker ' WK&C,Solingen' appears to ricasso with Prussian 'W' cypher '06' to spine. Both grips are good with blade in a rather pleasing condition. Scabbard has no stitching remaining to its rear centre however still sits well on & off the bayonet.
WW1 Imperial German S14 Bayonet Imperial German S14 bayonet maker marked to ' Bayard ' . . With much of its original blueing remaining to metal surfaces there some small indentations to one wood grip.
WW1 Imperial German S98/05 Regimentally Marked 'High Ears' Butcher Bayonet , Scabbard & Frog A first pattern 98/05 ' butcher' bayonet complete with scabbard, frog & rare regimental markings to crossguard. With Prussian cypher & the date 1915 appearing to the back of the blade the regimental marks ' 2.E.B.J.R.25 ' to crossguard denote use by the '2nd Ersatz Battalion, Jager Regiment 25' . Maker marked 'Weyersberg Kirschbaum & Cie Solingen' this is an early 'high ears'model without flashguard. The metal surfaces are unpitted with wood grips good , several woodworm holes to one side although not to detract on what is still a very rare bayonet. First pattern scabbard has rear stitching intact & original frog still in place. One side of the frog has at some point been re shaped most likely due to battle or other damage to the leather edge . A rare bayonet offered completely 'as found' .
WW1 Imperial German S98/05 Sawback Bayonet 1915 With First Pattern Scabbard An Imperial German S98/05na sawback ' Butcher' bayonet with 1915 date to spine & first pattern leather & steel mounted scabbard. Maker marked to ricasso 'Simson & Co Suhl ' with Prussian cypher to spine. Metal surfaces are generally good with some bruising & wear to wood grips. Scabbard has a hole to centre of it quite possibly caused by a shell splinter. This may well have happened when the bayonet was fixed & scabbard empty as there is no apparent correlating damage to the blade . The metal fittings of the scabbard have a very nice patina with no unsightly pitting. ***Free worldwide postage***
WW1 Imperial German Sawback Butcher Bayonet & Original Frog A classic Imperial German sawback butcher bayonet coming complete with its original brown leather frog. Maker marked to ricasso 'Weyersburg Kirschbaum & Cie Solingen' in four seperate lines the Prussian 'W' cypher appears to spine with the date '16'. Correct for this year of manufacture it is with the steel second pattern scabbard & brown leather frog. On the rear of the frog can be seen the remainder of its maker markings & date of what appears to be 1916. There is a small area of stitching away down a part of one side. Top portion of frog above frog stud has been removed . ( See pics ) . Metal surfaces & blade show age staining with some bruising to wood grips. Light surface pitting to scabbard.
WW1 Imperial German Sawback Butcher Bayonet 1917 A 1917 dated German sawback butcher bayonet with component makers to both sides of blade 'A-G.Duisberg' & 'H.Mundloss & Co Magdeburg' . With Prussian 'W' mark to back of blade & date 1917 the all metal second pattern scabbard is totally correct for this date. With a very old , apparently period , black paint to the scabbard there are several dents to the rear & side ( Please see images ) .
WW1 Indian Made '07 Pattern Bayonet 1917 An Indian made 1907 pattern bayonet with issue date to blade of November 1917. Ricasso markings also include 'R.F.I' for Royal Factory Ishapore as well as Indian Government & bending test mark. Regimental markings to pommel ' P G 34 3 ' . In good condition & with its correct Indian made scabbard. Some slight movement to scabbard throat.
WW1 US Bolo Fighting Knife The classic US 1917 Model 'BOLO' knife complete in its original webbing & leather 1918 dated sheath. The Bolo knife was intended for use by all types of units, including infantry, artillery, engineers, and quartermaster troops. With its thick curved blade, the bolo was big enough for constant use in the densest of forests as a practical knife as well as for fighting. Model 17 marked to ricasso it is in excellent condition & a historic piece of the American military armoury.
WW1 US M1911 Holster A WW1 period US M1911 pistol holster denoted as such by the brass fastening stud & belt hook. Simply marked 'BOYT' followed by the inspectors initials 'E.T.C. ' Brass fastening stud is loose.
WW1 US P14 Bayonet ( US Issue Scabbard ) A WW1 US issue bayonet for the P14 rifle with US made green leather scabbard having belt hooks for the US army belt, Issue date of May 1917 to ricasso with '1913' pattern date & Remington maker. Overall in very nice condition.
WW1 US P17 Bayonet With 1918 Date & Tab Ended Belt Hook A scarce example of the P17 bayonet issued to American troops still complete with its leather tab & belt hook at rear for attachment to their webbing belt equipment. . Bayonet has 1918 model date to blade instead of the usual 1917. This was a brief Remington production error which occurred in early 1918 & is found on only 3 % of those made. The error was soon rectified with the date being changed back to 1917 upon it being pointed out that this date referred to the model date & not the year of production. The Remington logo is found beneath this. Scabbard has typical green paint finish with period black overpaint to chape & throat. Service wear overall with some light pitting to metal surfaces.
WW1 US P17 Bayonet With Green Scabbard & Belt Hook A very good example with Remington marked blade & first issue dates '5 17'. Belt hooks to rear of scabbard mount for hanging on US equipment belt.
WW1 US P17 Bayonet With Green Scabbard & Belt Hook A very very good P17 bayonet with green scabbard & belt hook intact. Made by Remington in 1917 with flaming grenade ordnance mark to reverse side. A very clean parkerised blade sets off the whole piece with most bluieng remaining to crossguard & pommel.
WW1/WW2 DWM Model 1904 Portuguese Mauser Rifle An unusually good example of the DWM Model 1904 Portuguese Mauser Rifle. Produced by DWM (Deutsche Waffen Und Munitionsfabriken, Berlin) for the Portuguese army, these rifles are based on the German Mauser K98 service rifle. Portuguese forces used these rifles during WWI & WWII with some German forces using these when captured. Chambered to 6.5mm the rifle has all of its original woodwork. Capable of being cocked , stripped & dryfired it comes with certificate of deactivation. SALES TO ENGLAND ONLY.
WW2 British 1937 Pattern Smallpack & Left & Right Braces 1943 Dated Used condition in green blanco . Bagcraft marked & 1943 dated.
WW2 'Overloon' Tank Battle Souvenir Plaque A stained resin hanging plaque commemorating the fighting at Overloon. Depicted is a US armoured vehicle in the woods with 'OVERLOON' inscribed underneath it. Measuring approx 22cm X 15cm .
WW2 Australian 1907 Pattern Bayonet 1942 Australian 1907 pattern bayonet with date of April 1942 to ricasso. Many such bayonets were supplied to South Africa as is indicated on this example with the broad arrow within 'U' for Union of South Africa marking. Most of its original blueing remains to blade , hilt & pommel with loss to metal surfaces of scabbard.
WW2 Australian Tobacco Tin Pair 'Welcome Nuggett' & ' Players Digger ' WW2 kit bag items for the Australian solder . Both in good condition.
WW2 British No.7 Mk1 L Swivel Handle Bayonet A fine condition No.7 Mk1 L bayonet with swivel handle for use with the Sten Mk V or No.4 rifle. A unique bayonet these were both knife & socket bayonet & were quite innovative but simple in their design. With its distinctive resin impregnated cloth composite Paxolin grips it could be used also as a fighting knife when required. Marked to ricasso with its designation & in very nice displayable condition overall.
WW2 British '37 Pattern Helmet Straps 1942 Matching pair of webbing helmet straps for the large pack. Both '42 dated.
WW2 British '37 Pattern Webbing Brace Attachments For wear by those armed with a pistol such as officers & tank crew these are the brace attachments to support the rest of the webbing set.
WW2 British 'Desert Rat' No.4 Spike Bayonet In its original Desert yellow camouflage paint as used in North Africa & Italy this bayonet being a veteran of one of those campaigns. The Desert camouflage obscures the maker markings however it is totally original wartime production & a scarce one to find now.
WW2 British .303 Vickers Machine Gun Belt & Six Rounds A 1942 dated 250 round belt for the .303 Vickers machine gun with six inert .303 rounds included. Made by Dunlop & with brass metal fittings.
WW2 British 1937 Pattern Entrenching Tool Head, Carrier & Helve WW2 British '37 pattern entrenching tool kit totally complete with 1941 dated & 'PERKS' marked head, 1944 dated wood helve & 1944 dated webbing carrier.
WW2 British 1937 Pattern Webbing Equipment Set 1942/43 1937 pattern webbing set with 1942 dated waistbelt. Set comprises basic pouches , 1941 dated shoulder braces & 1942 dated waistbelt. All a very close colour match for mannequin display.
WW2 British 1937 Pattern Webbing Set , Some 1942 Dates 1937 pattern webbing set comprising : Pr Basic pouches , both 1942 dated Pr Shoulder braces , One 1942 dated Waistbelt , No date visible Green blanco , very used condition.
WW2 British 1940 Pattern Battledress 1944 A 1940 pattern battledress with intact 1944 dated clothing label . The soldier has stencilled & handwritten his army number to the inside of the BD along with his name & rank ' Lance Corporal Douglas ' . Certainly a working battledress for field wear it is interesting to note that he has removed the waist adjustment from the left side , clearly done a very long time ago as with the wear to the cloth there is now no longer any trace of it ever having been there. Some wear overall & fraying to collar area & cuffs, one button is minus from right shoulder strap.
WW2 British Anti Aircraft Officers Battledress 1941 Britiish army 1937 pattern British officers battledress blouse for a major in the Royal Army Medical Corps & serving with Anti Aircraft Command. With early unlined collar only found on first production 37 pattern battledress it has an officers tailor converted front & embroidered rank , Div badges & shoulder titles to both sides. Clothing label dates this piece to a 1940 manufacture . In excellent condition & a good example of one worn for 'best dress ' .
WW2 British Entrenching Tool & Shovel 1941 WW2 British 1937 pattern entrenching tool & head which have been fixed together for quite some time. Marked 'PERK 1941 ' to head.
WW2 British Extra Ammunition Pouch Strap 1939 For the extra ammunition pouch set marked to Mills Equipment & dated 1939.
WW2 British Fairbairn Sykes Second Pattern Fighting Knife With Etched Panels A scarce second pattern Fairbairn Sykes fighting knife with Wilkinson Sword & FS Fighting Knife logo to blade. Knife has the typical second pattern knurling to brass handle with pommel nut assembly to handle still tight. Blade has the lesser seen etching to both sides of blade with surface pitting in places to sharpened edges & on lower portion of blade. Leather scabbard has flat ended blackened brass chape with hilt retaining elastic still present although detached at one end & stretched. There are some chaffed areas to leather surface in places.
WW2 British Field Service Cap A well used example from the early war period. In tatty condition with holes.
WW2 British Heavy Wool Toeless Socks Of heavy green wool with holes to each of the toe ends & typical of the knitwear sent to British troops from home in WW2.
WW2 British Home Front 'Fire Guard' Sign An original WW2 'FIRE GUARD ASSEMBLY POINT' sign measuring approx 30 in X 18 inches . Normally used in buildings where these points were organised by Fire Wardens in the event of an Air Raid ...interesting sign from Britains WW2 Home Front. Some rust & weathering as photographed.
WW2 British Italy Star & War Medal Pair A pin back mounted pair , the War medal & Italy Star in good condition.
WW2 British Jack Knife 1938 A good used example of the pre WW2 jack knife with 1938 date to main blade. Working order & with the often missing lanyard ring still intact. Small crack to grip.
WW2 British Jack Knife 1942 Standard issue British army jack knife with broad arrow marking & date 1942. As usual a used piece with some movement to marlin spike. ***UK Sales only***
WW2 British Jack Knife 1943 1943 dated example with broad arrow marking in good used condition. ***UK Sales only ***
WW2 British Jack Knife 1944 In good used condition with broad arrow marking & maker markings & date 'S.S.P.44' to blade. ***UK Sales only ***
WW2 British Jungle Machete 1945 A British made jungle Machete with 'S&J Kitchener, Sheffield ' 1945 dated blade & BHG marked 1945 dated sheath. Brass studded hilt retaining strap intact.
WW2 British Large Pack 1943 British webbing 1937 pattern large pack dated 1943 . Green blanco.
WW2 British Life Belt 1943 With perishing to rubber parts although 1943 date & maker 'DR&Co clear.
WW2 British Mills Bomb Rifle Grenade 1940 A very nice example with pin & lever . Base dated May 1940. UK Sales within GB only.
WW2 British No.36 Mills Bomb 1940 A superb matching makers WW2 British Mills bomb still with its original finish & traces of its original green painted band around middle ( Baratol fitting ) . There are also three red crosses to neck denoting it is suitable for a humid climate. A recently discovered example this classic British hand grenade has a 1940 dated screw plug to bottom marked to the maker TA & S with matching maker to lever & body . See all components included as per images. Now very hard to find good untouched examples. THIS ITEM IS INERT & CAN BE PROVED AS SUCH BY THE REMOVAL OF ALL COMPONENTS & VISUAL INSPECTION. ***** Uk Sales only ****
WW2 British No.36M Mills Grenade Piece The bottom half of a No.36M Mills hand grenade with screw cap still present & dated 1941. Screw cap is unremoveable. UK sales within GB only.
WW2 British No.4 Mk1 Jungle Bayonet Frog ( Indian Made ) A 1944 dated webbing example.
WW2 British No.4 Mk1 Lee Enfield Rifle An ideal display example this is a British made No.4 Mk1 rifle in the desirable lighter beech wooden furniture. With much of its blueing remaining to metal parts the wrist strap is marked 'M47/C' for the famous firm BSA. Shirley. ( British Small Arms Shirley ) & the date 1945 clearly visible. DP marked to bolt & magazine. Capable of being cocked , stripped & dryfired it comes with certificate of deactivation. UK SALES WITHIN ENGLAND ONLY.
WW2 British No.4 Mk1 Rifle 1941 British made No.4 Mk1 Lee Enfield rifle date 1941. Marked 'R.O.F. No.4 Mk1 1941 ' for Royal Ordnance Fazakerly in Yorkshire . Cocks , strips & dryfires. Comes with certificate of deactivation. UK sales only.
WW2 British No.4 Mk1 Spike Bayonet With Leather Tabbed Frog British spike bayonet in 1942 dated frog which has correct leather tab & brass plate spike bayonet attachment. Good condition.
WW2 British No.4 Spike Bayonet In clean condition & maker marked for the firm Crown Corporation Small Arms Ltd, LongBranch ,Ontario, Canada.
WW2 British No.5 Jungle Carbine Bayonet A near mint unissued condition example of the No.5 Jungle Carbine bayonet made by Wilkinson , the only WW2 maker of this bayonet. Distinctive with its bowie blade & large muzzle ring the ricasso is marked 'WSC' with the code '294'. The best example I have had for some time.
WW2 British No.5 Jungle Carbine Bayonet A fantastic example of the No.5 Jungle Carbine bayonet made by Wilkinson , the only WW2 maker of this bayonet. Distinctive with its bowie blade & large muzzle ring the ricasso is marked 'WSC' with the code '294'.
WW2 British No.5 Mk1 Bayonet A very clean example of the No.5 Mk1 bayonet for use on the Lee Enfield No. 5 MK1 'Jungle Carbine ' . Marked to ricasso ' S294 ' over 'WSC' this is for the wartime Wilkinson contract to produce these weapons. Some light wear with the name 'B PRICE' scratched into scabbard.
WW2 British No.5 Mk1 Bayonet A very clean example of the No.5 Mk1 bayonet for use on the Lee Enfield No. 5 MK1 'Jungle Carbine ' . Marked to ricasso ' S294 ' over 'WSC' this is for the wartime Wilkinson contract to produce these weapons. Very nice used condition with good bright blade .
WW2 British Officers Sam Browne Belt An excellent example of the British officers Sam Browne belt & cross strap.
WW2 British Ointment Anti Gas No.5 1942 With contents although some decay.
WW2 British P17 Bayonet With Home Guard Frog A 1917 dated P17 bayonet complete with original leather scabbard & belt hook. The brown leather frog indicates WW2 Home Guard use due to their issue of the P17 rifle. A harder to find Winchester made example with 'W' to ricasso & the date 1917. The 'US' is visible to the reverse with flaming grenade ordnance mark. Excellent blade & much original blueing remains to metal surfaces.
WW2 British Ribbed & Beaded Fighting Knife 1944/45 A scarce 'Ribbed & Beaded' Fairbairn Sykes fighting knife with brass handle & broad arrow '5' military ownership / inspection mark to the ferrule position of the grip. It has not been fully established whether these were issue or private purchase knives however they do exist with the aforementioned military markings, as here , & some plain unmarked. It is also known that these knives , in their many varying forms, were introduced in the 1944/45 period the '5' numbered examples recorded as coming with a late war sheath & snap fastener from existing recorded examples. It is interesting to note the flush pommel nut placement again another variation although not often encountered. With nine rows of 'beads' the piece has seen much service wear with two small nicks to one side of the full length blade. There is very slight movement to the blade. A rare piece from the Fairbairn Sykes family.
WW2 British Royal Artillery Slouch Hat A wartime period slough hat with red & blue flash to side of the Royal Artillery. Leather liner band has been removed .
WW2 British Sam Browne Belt Without the usual buckles for attachment of the shoulder strap this belt measures a total of 55.5 inches in length . IN excellent condition.
WW2 British Sam Browne Pistol Ammunition Brown leather pistol ammunition pouch for the officers Sam Browne belt equipment set. There were not made obsolete until 1955.
WW2 British Sten Gun Sling 1944 Webbing sling for the Sten gun , Made by 'Bagcraft' & 1944 dated.
WW2 British String Boot Covers
WW2 British Third Pattern Fairbairn Sykes Fighting Knife 1942 An excellent example of the third pattern Fairbairn Sykes fighting knife with early handground blade & broad arrow with '42' date marking to crossguard. The blade of this piece has approx 95% of its original blueing remaining with the crossguard , grip & pommel having some service wear to its high points . The partially stamped '42' to crossguard is much evident this being the only possibility of marking that fits when one views the stamping. The broad arrow is clear with number '1' to pommel believed to denote the mold number from which made. Leather sheath is again in excellent order with elastic very typically detached at one side & the often cut off trouser tabs still present. Blueing to chape is very good. A fantastic service used example that has certainly been to war.
WW2 British Third Pattern Fairbairn-Sykes Fighting Knife ( October 1943 Onwards ) A WW2 issue third pattern Fairbairn Sykes fighting knife with early hand ground blade & its original sheath. The third pattern was produced as of October 1943 its grip now being simplified into 27 concentric rings. This example is marked to the crossguard with an 'I' over broad arrow denoting Indian Government ownership . This was part of an order for 2,500 knives placed on 17th December 1943 & supplied by Wilkinson. Whether this knife actually ever got there will remain a mystery! Correct WW2 examples of these third patterns can be identified by the quality finishing to the grips with the small triangle that can be seen at the top of the blade denoting an earlier better quality handground blade. An example that has seen service use their is wear to the high points of the grip & loss of finish overall due to use. The top part of the sheath is removed. This may have been partially done by the previous owner at the time however there does seem to be some ageing of the leather where it meets the throat of the sheath. A number '1' can be seen to the smooth part of the pommel indicating the mould number used in its manufacture.
WW2 British Water Carrier 1945 Part of the field camping equipment a 1945 dated water carrier.
WW2 British Webbing Weapons Roll 1944 A spare parts webbing roll for a light weapon . Mills Equipment marked & dated 1944.
WW2 German 'PUMA' Bakelite Handled Fighting Knife Rare German 'PUMA' fighting knife with the distinctive brown bakelite handles particular to this model. A bringback piece it survived the war very well with no damage to grips & a good point ended blade showing only the expected age spotting in places. Black paint to scabbard is totally WW2 original & in a very acceptable condition. Soldiers initials 'HK' etched into the lower end of the handle. Used by German combat troops of the wehrmacht & SS these are nowhere near as numerous in number as their wood gripped counterpart. UK SALES ONLY.
WW2 German 3.7cm Flak18 Round 1939 Nice condition early war round marked to base for the 3.7cm Flak 18 & dated 1939. Waffenamt mark to driving band of head. UK Sales within GB only.
WW2 German 5cm Mortar Bomb 1944 A 5cm mortar bomb in its original paint & faint traces of black stencilled markings to body. Bakelite fuse still present with date & maker marking 'foz43' . 1944 dated to bomb. ***** Sales within Great Britain only *****
WW2 German 8cm Mortar Bomb 1944 A scarce 1944 dated example of the German 8cm mortar bomb. In very good condition much of its red oxide paint is still intact with some of its original black ink stamped markings & the date 1944 to main body. Black bakelite fuse is removeable to show the bomb as completely inert & empty upon inspection. UK sales only .
WW2 German Army Officers Dagger , Hanger & Knot A recently surfaced German officers dagger complete with its original hanger & knot as brought back from WW2. A nice untouched example it has an undamaged orange celluloid grip with much of the original crisp detailing remaining to metal parts. I have left this as uncleaned so a nice silver patina remains overall. Scabbard is good with no dents. The name 'Abe' ( Former owner ) has been engraved to the rear of the crossguard. The non maker marked blade is clean & bright & in near perfect condition. The green velvet backed dagger hangers are well D.R.G.M marked with both dagger clips undamaged & in working order. Some fraying to underside where it has rubbed on the uniform during wear. The knot also has fraying & some heavy wear overall. A good untouched example.
WW2 German Concrete Mine An excellent example with RR 384-40 marked fuse part. UK sales only.
WW2 German DLV Flyers Knife A very nice example of the DLV Flyers Knife in solid nickel & blue morrocan leather covered scabbard. A knife made by the well known Third Reich edged weapon maker 'SMF' , a very fair amount of its original silver wash remains over its nickel fittings. Some tarnishing to the silver through age adds to the character of the piece. The swastika remains perfectly intact here with the typical 'k' marking to one end of the hilt. Blade good & bright with blue leather blade washer intact. The blue morrocan leather covering of the handle displays only minor wear to its grip points with that of the scabbard showing two small areas of scuffing to one side. Bottom of scabbard is dented. Leather hanger intact with clip undamaged. A bringback souvenir which has survived in a very appealing condition.
WW2 German Early War SA/NSKK Black Gripped Marine Dagger A scarce example of an 'erased Rohm' early war marine SA/NSKK dagger with black grip & black painted scabbard. I acquired this example recently with some other 'bringback' daggers & as such it remains totally as it came. The black grip retains much of its deep black staining with some wear & loss of the surface blackening in places. A couple of cracks can be seen upon close inspection. The nickel fittings of the top & lower crossguard are apparently nicotine stained however the Gau mark 'Mi' for Mitte, Nuremberg appears on the lower crossguard. The SA button & eagle/swastika are firmly mounted with looseness to any of the daggers fittings. Blade is maker marked to 'Gebruder Heller , Schmalkalden 'with the accepted anchor motif trademark. Rohm signature has been professionally removed from the blade with the 'Alles Fur Deutschland' inscription still crisp. Scabbard retains a good proportion of its black paint with original leather hanger still present. An interesting hard to come by dagger.
WW2 German Flare Pistol WW2 German flare pistol with black bakelite grips & opening breech. As used by the German Navy there is a Kriegsmarine 'M' , waffenamt & serial number to main body . Some loss of finish in places. Cocks & dryfires , comes with certificate of deactivation . UK sales only.
WW2 German General Assault Badge ( Denazified ) Non maker marked General Assault badge with lower catch minus from rear. A denazified example with lower half of swastika removed.
WW2 German K98 Bayonet Wooden handled K98 bayonet for the German K98 Mauser rifle. Early Weimar inspection markings to top of pommel . Used condition with a couple of small dents to scabbard & blemishing to blueing of blade.
WW2 German K98 Bayonet A German K98 bayonet with good blued blade & wood grips. Maker coded to ricasso S/177 for the firm Ernst Packe & Sohn , Solingen with 1937 date to back of blade. Scabbard has code & date 'i 41 ' for the firm Elite Diamant , 1941 was the only production year . Waffenamt coded to pommel '253' .
WW2 German K98 Bayonet German K98 bayonet with brown bakelite grips , Carl Eickhorn maker to ricasso & 1939 date to spine of blade. Around 95% of original blueing remains to blade. Scabbard is 'CQH' maker marked with 1940 date. Waffenamt marked to pommel & scabbard ball with a number '3' & a small unidentified serial number to flashguard.
WW2 German K98 Bayonet A 1941 dated K98 bayonet with '41ddl ' marking to ricasso for the firm 'Jos.Cort, Remscheid' .Black bakelite grips with waffenamt mark to pommel . Scabbard marked '41asw' for the firm Horster. Much blueing remaining to blade with some light rust spots to scabbard.
WW2 German K98 Bayonet A wood gripped example with '41 agv ' mark to ricasso for the firm 'Berg & Co Solingen-Ohligs ' . Clear waffenamts to pommel & 'clc43' to scabbard throat for the firm 'Herder'. Overall service use with working pommel catch.
WW2 German K98 Bayonet ( S/244 1936 ) Early WW2 German K98 bayonet with scabbard. S/244 coded for the maker Mundlos with '36' date to back of blade . Early inspection marked to pommel. A used example with no unsightly pitting & age overall .
WW2 German K98 Bayonet ( 44agv ) A 1944 dated German K98 bayonet with wood grips & maker mark '44agv' to ricasso for the firm ' Berg & Co ' . Some overall age & use but with wood grips in very good order for a bayonet of this busy year for the wehrmacht ! Scabbard marked '43ddl' for the firm 'Josef Corts' & manufactured in 1943. Recently surfaced & totally matching in age & condition I would be confident in describing them as both having been together for a very long time.
WW2 German K98 Bayonet 1940 A non matching K98 Mauser bayonet frog with black bakelite grips & maker 'Mundloss' to ricasso. Rear of blade has date '40 ' . Scabbard has the scarce three letter maker code ' jwh42 ' for the firm 'Staatliche Waffenfabrik, Chatellerault, France' denoting manufacture in occupied France in 1942. Waffenamt markings to pommel & scabbard ball. Used condition but overall good.
WW2 German K98 Bayonet 1944 A matching date & maker K98 bayonet marked to ricasso & scabbard throat 'clc44' for the firm Richard Herder ,Solingen. In good used condition with waffenamt acceptance marks to its working pommel & scabbard tip. Some minor knocks through service wear & dent to lower scabbard edge.
WW2 German K98 Bayonet With Postwar Commemorative Afrikakorps Blade Etching A WW2 German K98 bayonet postwar fantasy engraved with 'Deutsche Afrika Korps to one side & ' 90 Infanterie Division Afrika 1941 ' to the other . There is also the lime green piping of the panzer grenadiers mounted between the bakelite grip & pommel on both sides. Just to be clear , the bayonet & scabbard are totally original wartime issue but with the decoration added for display only. These still make an attractive display item & can be collectable in their own right. Made by Mundlos & with '40' date to spine of blade. Scabbard is 'S/174K' coded to throat.
WW2 German K98 Rifle 1944 An excellent WW2 German K98 service rifle made by Mauser in 1944. Profusely waffenamt inspection marked the often postwar removed eagle & swastikas are still intact. Three letter maker code 'byf' ( Mauser) & date 1944 to breech head. Wooden furniture is excellent with much original blueing remaining to metal fittings. Comes totally complete with cleaning rod & foresight protector. Capable of being cocked, stripped & dryfired this rifle comes with an EU certificate of deactivation and so is not effected by the law changes on 2nd May . UK Sales within GB only.
WW2 German Kriegsmarine Dagger With Hammered Scabbard & Hanger A very attractive German Navy dagger with hammered scabbard . All ranks of the Kriegsmarine from Petty Officer upwards were entitled to wear the Navy dagger , the hammered scabbard could be bought at extra cost & was down to the officers individual preference & pocket. Much of the wonderful gilded brass finish remains to the dagger with pommel holding swastika showing crisp definition. Its attractive cream handle is brass wire bound & with no cracks to grip or damage to the wire. The fouled anchor blade bears the impressive EF Horster motif & is in excellent clean condition. The beautifully finished hammered scabbard displays high quality oak leafing to its hanger bands with both rings intact. There are no unsightly dents to the bottom end of the scabbard & throat screws are intact. One of the attractive black moire cloth hangers remains with the dagger ( Short ) these have aluminium fittings which have been painted in a Kriegsmarine gold. Snap clip intact. A very nice piece in original condition I have made no attempt to clean it since acquiring several years ago.
WW2 German Lions Head Army Officers Sword & Original Knot A near mint example of the Lions Head army officers sword coming complete with its original knot which has never been off. This beautiful sword is of exceptional quality with brass bass hilt & nearly 100% of its original fire gilt stlll present. The Lions head detail is quite superb with ruby red eyes. Black celluloid grip is excellent with no cracks or damage at all. The triple wire wrap is still firmly in place & excellent. The sword knot is correctly tied & remains as it was when brought back from WW2 as a souvenir by a British serviceman. The blade measures just under 33 inches & is perfect with Knights head & 'WKC' motif . The scabbard retains almost all of its original black paint with only light carriage wear in places . A superb untouched example offered completely as found.
WW2 German Luftwaffe Dagger , Bullion Knot & Hangers A very clean untouched luftwaffe second pattern dagger that recently surfaced privately having been brought back as a souvenir by a British soldier. An SMF Solingen made example it is in quite excellent condition with perfectly intact aluminium wire around its undamaged orange celluloid handle. Much nickel plating remains with the rather striking gilding remaining to swastika on both sides . Excellent bright blade with seated king SMF motif & inspectors stamp above this. The luftwaffe hangers are in near mint condition with no fraying & crisp detailing to buckles. All three clips are perfect . Only some expected light wear to bullion knot & a small area of tarnishing to sheath . A very nice complete dagger set uncouched since WW2.
WW2 German M24 Stick Grenade An original example of the German M24 stick grenade , this is the standard high explosive model used by German forces in WW2. Now having become very hard to find this example bears the often seen back maker mark of a back to back 'R' with the date 1939. A faint waffenamt eagle & swastika marking can also be seen in the wood next to it upon close inspection. The metal head is in its original factory dark green paint with the red metal oxide undercoat visible in places. 1940 date to head. White ink stamped waffenamt to head. Comes with porcelain bead & cord , also a later replacement screw cap. There is a dent to head on one side please see pictures. Totally free from explosive the wood handle is hollow & the head has been drilled so free inspection of its empty interior can be carried out. Sales to GB addresses only.
WW2 German M24 Stick Grenade An original M24 high explosive stick grenade complete with its spring loaded waffenamt marked screw base cap. Totally untouched & with some of its original green paint remaining traces of the white stencilling to head of 'Vorsp ' can be seen as well as a white ink stamped waffenamt to top of it. Wood handle good with deactivation drill holes to head enabling visual inspection of its empty state. Very hard to find original stick grenades in any condition now. UK sales within GB only.
WW2 German M24 Stick Grenade 1943 A very nice example of the now very rare WW2 German stick grenade. Of the high explosive M24 model this piece has some green paint remaining to metal parts & has no woodworm to its 'gzo 1943 ' dated handle. The imprinted date of '43' can just about be discerned on the top of its HE head . The detonator housing has been removed to facilitate deactivation & thus this piece is totally inert & free from explosives as can be seen upon visual inspection. Screw cap housing still present . UK sales only.
WW2 German M43 Stick Grenade Rare M43 stick grenade with maker markings & date to wood handle of ' 44 evy ' . An excellent condition example of this grenade with the fuse now in the top of the head rather than the bottom of the handle like its forerunner. Blue porcelain screwcap also marked 'evy44' matching that of handle. The very typical green factory paint to handle is largely intact with no dents. Postage to UK & within Great Britain only .
WW2 German Matching K98 Bayonet 1941 A matching K98 bayonet marked '41ffc' for the firm FA Herder with 1941 date. Well cleaned piece with waffenamts to pommel , pommel catch & scabbard tip. Black bakelite grips in good undamaged condition.
WW2 German Matching Numbered K98 Bayonet A very good 1943 dated matching numbered K98 bayonet & scabbard. Bayonet has serial number 1276 to ricasso & scabbard with the maker code & date '43asw' for the maker Horster. With brown bakelite grips this piece is straight out of the woodwork & i have made no attempt to clean it. A very decent amount of its original blueing remains to blade.
WW2 German Matching Numbered K98 Bayonet ( 42 fnj 21q ) A matching numbered K98 bayonet with 1942 date & three letter maker code of 'fnj' for the firm Alex Coppel . . Wood gripped & in good condition it has the low serial number of '21' .
WW2 German Matching Numbers K98 Bayonet ( S.178G 1935 Production ) A good condition wood gripped early production example of the K98 Mauser bayonet with matching numbers & maker mark ' S.178G ' for the firm ' Heller ' . The 'G' letter code denotes manufacture in 1935. Early inspection markings to pommel. Metal surfaces show only light wear with most of its original factory satin blue remaining to blade. Some minor bruising to wood grips through service wear. .
WW2 German Matching Numbers K98 Bayonet 1937 ( S/155 ) A scarce 1937 dated matching numbered K98 bayonet in near mint condition . This prewar German Mauser bayonet has the early prefixed number coding of S/155 for a Horster 1937 manufacture. With serial number 8024 to bayonet & scabbard it is an exceptionally clean example with 95% blueing to blade & metal surfaces , an undented scabbard & unsharpened blade. Some bruising to wood grips.
WW2 German Matching Numbers K98 Bayonet 1940 A matching numbered K98 bayonet with black bakelite grips made by 'Horster' & with serial number of 509. Dated 1940 to back of blade with waffenamt markings to pommel & scabbard ball. No blueing remains , a well used piece.
WW2 German Mauser K98 Sling ( L&F Marked ) A very well used WW2 German Mauser sling with the German manufacturer marking of 'L&F' for the firm Linden & Funke KG, Iserlohn . Although now faint the original cross hatching can still be seen in places with a couple of old repairs to the leather. I have added a 1943 dated 'bad' marked reproduction stopper to enable it to be used on a K98 if necessary.
WW2 German MG34/42 7.92mm Machine Gun Ammunition Belt A 50 round ammunition belt for the German MG34 or MG42 . Original wartime March 1940 dated non distengrating belt with postwar inert rounds for visual display. Sales to GB addresses only.
WW2 German MG42 Machine Gun With 50 Round 7.92mm Ammunition Belt A very clean German MG42 machine gun with the sought after red/brown bakelite grips , this example is capable of being cocked , stripped & dryfired. This gun has the late war crudely marked maker code of 'bnz' to side of it denoting its manufacture by 'Steyr' . Wartime waffenamt inspection markings with swastika are clearly visible on the piece to the magazine housing , top cover & also its 1943 dated 'kur' marked bipod. With detachable wooden butt , the metalwork is in superb blued condition. With this machine gun comes a 50 round belt of 7.92mm ammunition that can be inserted for visual display. This be may be your last chance to own an MG42 that will allow you to cock & dryfire it , the law changes on the 2nd May after which this will be resubmitted to be welded up! Cocking handle is a postwar replacement as is most often the case. Please contact me to discuss delivery/collection options the latter being preferred. UK sales within GB only.
WW2 German MG42 Spare Barrel Container ( Refurbished ) An original spare barrel container for the German MG42 machine gun dated 1943 to one end with waffenamt marking & maker code & date 'brc43' . Completely postwar refurbished with black paint & a new webbing strap.
WW2 German NCOs Parade Bayonet ( Damaged ) A WW2 German NCOs parade bayonet that unfortunately had the pommel section broken off of it in its transit back to the UK after being liberated at the end of WW2 . This is the Eickhorn , Solingen long version with blade length measuring just over 24 1/2 cm. Without the broken pommel it would have been a very clean bayonet!
WW2 German Officers Luftwaffe Dagger & Hanger A very nice second pattern Luftwaffe dagger complete with the above average quality de -lux hangers . The often preferred wire bound white celluloid grip is present to this example with no breakages at all to its wiring. Eagle & swastika to crossguard are very crisp with a good bright finishing still remaining overall. Scabbard is beautifully nickel plated with this being virtually 100% intact. Blade is unmarked & in quite excellent condition. This dagger was brought back with a quality set of hangers that have the de-lux snap clip fittings & 'Assman' maker logo DRGM marked top clip. One clip has lost its spring closure however the arm is still present. Very nice Luftwaffe set.
WW2 German Police Sword A recent 'Attic found' bringback Third Reich German police swordby 'FW Holler'. . A totally original example with its unmolested correct police eagle & swastika mounting still intact to grip. There is rust & age from poor storage offered as found with no attempt to clean it having been made. ***UK Sales only***
WW2 German RAD Mans Hewer - Eickhorn A bringback RAD mans Hewer in very nice clean condition. Always a good solid dagger with the iconic stag horn grips on this example having no cracks or damage & its original screws. Much of the original plating remains with an appealing bright patina still to the dagger handle , hilt & scabbard. Motto is still clear to its Carl Eickhorn trademarked blade. Scabbard has its original wartime black painted finish mostly remaining with screws minus to one side of throat & both of chape. A striking piece !
WW2 German Rare '44pyy' Marked K98 Bayonet & Scabbard Rare Berg & Co . Solingen '44pyy' marked K98 bayonet & '43agv' marked scabbard for the firm Berg & Co Solingen. This maker had the allocated code 'agv' from the year 1941 until 1944 then switched to the code 'pyy' in late 1944. Not matching in serial number however any pyy coded examples are extremely hard to find . An excellent scarce example with much of its original blueing remaining . Some light service wear overall.
WW2 German Red Cross Hewer & 1940 Dated Frog A good veteran pickup RAD mans Hewer complete with the often missing 1940 dated black leather frog. A rather iconic German dagger this example has fantastic nickel plating remaining to hilt & scabbard . With its trademark sawback blade & flat ended tip the black checquered grips are perfect with no chips or damage. Scabbard is very good with a very acceptable proportion of its original black factory paint remaining . Its issue heavy duty frog has what appears to be a cut mark to the top of it.
WW2 German Stick Grenade 1940 A scarce original WW2 German stick grenade of the standard Model 24 high explosive complete with original porcelain bead & pull string, end screw cap & removeable head. Grenade has markings to wood shaft 'RR564' with date 1940 . There is the black ink stamped 'K' to top of head. A deactivated example & as such free from explosive.
WW2 German Stick Grenade 1940 A 1940 dated example of the German stick grenade complete with screw cap & original pull cord . Marked to wood handle ' RR 1940 ' & with the cold weather 'K' to top of head it is strippable with visible inspection of the empty inert head possible. As with most examples encountered there is some age to the paintwork in places. UK sales only.
WW2 German Swastika Marked & '42 Dated Spoon ( From KFS Set ) A spoon only from the German combination KFS set . Eagle & swastika marked to rear with maker initials & date 'GAG 42 '.
WW2 German Y Straps 1941 A very nice clean pair of German combat equipment Y straps maker marked & dated 1941. Black & brown leather with all studs & buckles complete.
WW2 Gerrman Army Officers Dagger & Knot A very honest example of the German army officers dagger complete with its original & never removed bullion knot. Maker marked to its full length blade ' FW Holler , Solingen ' much of its original finish remains with only minor wear to its high points. Good crisp eagle & swastika to crossguard now displaying a dull grey patina to its heavy silver wash. Recently acquired & uncleaned thus far ,the desirable undamaged orange handle compiments nicely its overall age tone. Some fraying to its originally tied bullion knot.
WW2 Indian SMLE Bayonet No.1 Mk 2 1943 In excellent condition with approx 99% of its original blueing remaining to bayonet & scabbard. Marked to ricasso with the 'RFI' maker initials for the Rifle Factory Ishapore with GRI cypher. Issue date of ' 8 43' . An excellent condition example.
WW2 Indian SMLE Bayonet No.1 Mk 2 1943 In excellent condition with approx 99% of its original blueing remaining to bayonet & scabbard. Marked to ricasso with the ' J U ' maker mark Jhelum Arsenal (now in Pakistan, but then India) . Issue date of ' 3 43 ' . An excellent condition example.
WW2 Indian SMLE Bayonet No.1 Mk 2* 1943 An excellent example of the Indian No.1 Mk 2* bayonet with unfullered blade. Marked to ricasso with GRI cypher & issue date '12 43' . Arsenal markings of 'JU' for Jhelum Arsenal.
WW2 Italian 91/38 Carcano Carbine 1943 A 1943 dated Italian Carcano rifle marked on the receiver 'FAT ' for the Terni Arsenal . Very nice beech wood colour furniture with almost of its original blackening remaining to metal parts. Converted for sharpshooting by the removal of its folding bayonet it is capable of being cocked & dryfired & comes with certificate of deactivation . UK sales only.
WW2 Japanese Arisaka Rifle ( Type 99 ) An excellent complete example of the standard issue WW2 Japanese soldiers ' Type 99' Arisaka rifle. This example has intact Chrysantheum , rear flip up anti aircraft sights , dust cover , cleaning rod & monopod. With a very nice original finish to the woodwork & much blueing remaining to the metalwork it has a working mechanical bolt action capable of being cocked , stripped & dryfired. Nagoya arsenal marking to left side of receiver. Comes with ceritificate of deactivation. UK sales only.
WW2 No.1 MkIII Lee Enfield Rifle, 1945 Dated A stunning display example of the Short Magazine Lee Enfield Rifle with 'GRI' marking & 1945 date. This is an excellent representative piece as the MK III SMLE was practically unchanged in its appearance since the first world war. No damage exists to woodwork & much blueing remaining to metal surfaces. Cocks , strips & dryfires with removeable magazine . Comes with certificate of deactivation , UK sales only.
WW2 No.5 Fighting Knife ( Converted From Bayonet ) A wartime conversion of the No.5 Jungle Carbine bayonet to a fighting knife this being a Wilkinson made example with 'WSC' markings to ricasso. Converted by the removal of its muzzle ring & pommel catch it is in good used condition with two splits to one side of the wooden grips. Wood grips are still firm & this was most likely a result of the conversion.
WW2 No.5 Jungle Carbine Bayonet A near mint unissued condition example of the No.5 Jungle Carbine bayonet made by Wilkinson , the only WW2 maker of this bayonet. Distinctive with its bowie blade & large muzzle ring the ricasso is marked 'WSC' with the code '294'. The best example I have had for some time.
WW2 Operation Marketgarden 'Arnhem' Town Sign A fantastic bullet holed reproduction town sign of the famous Dutch town of 'Arnhem ' fought over against all odds by members of Britains 1st Airborne Division . Superbly realistic for a diorama or other related display it measures approx 84cm X 31 cm .
WW2 Russian PPSH Sub Machine Gun 1945 A clean example of this iconic Russian weapon , 1945 dated & much used by her troops in the last ditch fighting through Germany to Berlin. Moving cocking handle with detachable magazine & opening breech. Comes with certificate of deactivation . UK sales only.
WW2 US 20 RD Thompson SMG Magazine US WW2 20 round Thompson magazine. Fits either the M1A1 or M1928 model & holds up to 20 X .45 rounds.
WW2 US 30 Rd Thompson Magazine WW2 US 30 round Thompson magazine holding 30 X .45 rounds .
WW2 US Fragmentation Hand Grenade Inert & with traces of yellow stripe to neck this is the M2 fragmentation grenade used by US infantry right through WW2 .
WW2 US Garand Bayonet 1942 A 1942 dated US Garand bayonet marked to ricasso 'UFH1942' for the US firm 'Union Fork & Hoe' . This is the officially cut down version of the earlier M1942 model shortened from a 16 inch blade down to a 10 inch as per the 1943 order. Good used example.
WW2 US Garand Bayonet 1942 A good example of the US Garand bayonet dated 1942 to blade & marked 'AFH' for the firm American Fork & Hoe . This is the officially cut down version of the earlier M1942 model shortened from a 16 inch blade down to a 10 inch as per the 1943 order. Good used example.
WW2 US Garand Bayonet 1943 A 1943 dated US Garand bayonet marked to ricasso for the 'PAL' maker. This is the officially cut down version of the earlier M1942 model shortened from a 16 inch blade down to a 10 inch as per the 1943 order. Good used example.
WW2 US M-1942 Garand Bayonet & Scabbard 1943 A 1943 dated M-1942 Model bayonet & scabbard for the standard issue Garand rifle . With 'PAL' & US ordnance flaming grenade marked ricasso the original parkerised finish is much remaining with scabbard catch in perfect working order. Often seen carried by US paratroopers in Normandy .
WW2 US M1 Garand Bayonet & Scabbard Excellent condition M1 Garand bayonet introduced in March 1943 & with short blade to replace the earlier more cumbersome model. Nearly all of its parkerised finish remains to metal surfaces with flaming grenade US ordnance marking & 'AFH' maker to ricasso for the 'American, Fork & Hoe ' company .
WW2 US M3 'Camillus' Fighting Knife A very clean example of the US M3 fighting knife much issued to elite troops such as Airborne & Rangers as a close combat weapon. This is a 'CAMILLUS' made example of earlier production having been produced with no belt hook . Two pinned head to handle with flaming grenade ordnance marking to top . A very fair amount of its original blued finish remains to blade.
WW2 US M3 Fighting Knife A very nice US M3 knife carried by US paratroopers , Rangers & any other soldier fortunate enough to obtain one. Maker marked to underside of crossguard 'US M3 K.I for the maker 'Kinfolks' it also has the flaming bomb ordnance marking to top of pommel. Leather grip rings & blade are all tight with a good proportion of its original factory parkerised finish remaining. Scabbard excellent with belt hooks & web belt loop intact. A classic US soldier item of combat armoury. UK sales only.
WW2 US PAL RH-36 Fighting Knife The PAL RH-36 was commercially produced way before the introduction of the K Bar & as such they were used by many US Marine Corps personnel being available for purchase from the soldiers PX stores. A very good example with PAL-36 markings to the ricasso . Leather sheath excellent. ***UK Sales Only / Proof of age required***
WW2 US Rifle Grenade 'Adapter Grenade Projection M-1 ' 1944 Dated A 1944 US rifle grenade adapter for the MkII fragmentation grenade. Classic weapon related item for the American D-Day combat soldier. UK sales within GB only.
WW2 USMC KA-BAR Knife A superb example of the United States Marine Corps Ka -Bar knife made by Union Cutlery. The Marine Corps version of this famous style of utility knife , as seen here , was manufactured by Union Cutlery & stamped 'KA-BAR' . It was issued as the standard USMC fighting/utility knife. The first batch was shipped to the USMC from Union Cutlery on 27 January 1943 with the large amount of subsequent orders , a result of its success , being fulfilled by other manufacturers. Over one million knives were produced by Union Cutlery alone during World War II however examples such as this in good condition are becoming harder to find due to their increasing popularity. With almost of its blueing remaining to blade & other metal surfaces the dark brown leather sheath it totally original to it & retains its hilt securing pop studded strap & belt hook.
WW2 USN MkII Pattern Bayonet Scabbard USN marked long M1 bayonet scabbard in excellent condition. These were US Navy intended hence the marking however a certain amount of suggestion has indicated training use as well as use in the field.
WW2 Womens Sam Browne Belt & Cross Strap Womens issue Sam Browne belt & cross strap. In very good usable condition.